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The own Enterprise Server: teamspace at BMW

The BMW Group in Munich uses the teamspace Company Server Licence since 2001. The server is installed at the data processing center of 5 POINT AG in Frankfurt, Germany. BMW and their partners access their teamspace via Internet. Support and maintenance are done by 5 POINT AG. Regular updates give BMW access to all developments of teamspace.

The BMW Advanced Training division was looking for an enterprise solution that would provide a platform for regular communication and interaction without the necessity of face-to-face contacts between trainer and trainee. The collaboration should take place in a collective virtual environment. The deciding factors for choosing teamspace of 5 POINT AG as BMW collaboration tool was among other things the easy implementation and the high user-friendliness of 5 POINT's solution. It enabled BMW employees to use teamspace without any special training, which makes the transition to working with a collaboration tool much easier.  

The main field of application of teamspace at BMW is in advanced training in the human resources division. In the context of Blended Learning teamspace is used in all kinds of seminars and workshops to enable a close tutoring of each trainee by their trainers after the initial training is finished and to give the trainees easy access to all relevant information.


Apart from advanced training teamspace is used in every part of the company where internal projects with one or more external partners have to be coordinated. One example is the R&D division, where BMW employees use teamspace to collaborate with partners from different suppliers.   


In the meantime around 100 working groups use teamspace at BMW. This was achieved without actively promoting the new tool. The word about teamspace spreads only by mouth-to-mouth advertising. Employees who once used teamspace for one of their projects or trainings continue to use it themselves and recommend it to others. Given the relatively large number of users, an average of 4 to 5 support request a week that reach BMW concerning the use of teamspace is very low and proves the user-friendliness of the solution. 




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