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teamspace v3.6


Groupware teamspace now with complete Unicode support for international teamwork

With the new Unicode support 5 POINT AG yields to the added requests for teamspace from Asian, Eastern European and Arabic countries to continue the successful internationalization of the location-independent product. In combination with the already existing functionalities like time zones, multilingualism as well as worldwide availability on the Internet, teamspace is ideally suited for international teams. Functional and organizational barriers can be overcome and information can be distributed fast and cost-efficiently. This straightforward collaboration leads to an optimization of company-wide processes true to the teamspace motto “Let´s work together”.

Apart from Unicode release 3.6 contains more new features for the Calendar, the Outlook synchronization and project management.

About teamspace
By using teamspace particularly geographical dispersed teams can work together via Internet in an efficient and professional way. The infrastructure for communication, coordination and cooperation of the groups is provided by teamspace. It collects and distributes information, reminds of dates and provides access to alll data. In particular mobile workers have real advantages, because they are fully integrated into the company’s processes and can use the team’s Calendar, Contacts and many more modules like document and project management.

teamspace is suitable for self-employed, SMUs and large companies alike, as well as for public authorities. It is already used successfully worldwide by companies like BMW, Philips and DaimlerChrysler.

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