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Darmstadt-based IT services provider achieves presence in SME sector and receives Innovation Prize 2007


5 POINT AG has been awarded the 2007 SME sector Innovation Prize for its teamspace solution. teamspace is an Internet-based virtual office that facilitates international communication, coordination and cooperation with business partners, customers and co-workers. The Darmstadt-based software house owes this award in good part to its team-oriented corporate philosophy, ‘Let’s work together’, which enables every employee to realize his or her own ideas. To deal with the increasing number of orders, the expanding company took on five new employees on 1 May 2007, and it is looking for another two developers. This is essential in order to ensure continual adaptation to current trends.


Besides offering many enhancements, the new Version 4.6 also breaks new ground in virtual cooperation. For instance, the Calendar, Tasks, Files, Addresses and Pinboard modules in teamspace can now be linked to the user’s own Internet site or an existing content management system. In addition to targeted publication of work results, this capability creates entirely new application opportunities, such as creating a shared download area or publishing a shared team calendar, enthuses Thorsten Lenk, CEO of 5 POINT AG in Darmstadt. Access authorities determine which areas are public and which are restricted to internal team members. A specially developed Typo3 plugin, available free of charge, provides the link to the Typo3 content management system.


The integrated workflow elements in the file system are another attractive innovation. They allow procedures that must be followed to complete files to be specified for individual files. A status indicator clearly shows the current document phase. This feature makes the file system, which already has its own version control, suitable for distributed teamwork.

The next innovative update has been announced for the summer: automatic synchronization of the file system with the local hard disk.



About teamspace

teamspace is an Internet-based virtual office. teamspace facilitates efficient, professional collaboration between geographically distributed teams. It provides the infrastructure the team needs for communication, coordination and cooperation. It collects and distributes information and provides participants with an effective platform for cooperation.


teamspace is user-friendly and very easy to use. Every employee can use the tool immediately and quickly become perceptibly productive.


A fully functional, free 30-day trial version of the system is available at



About 5 POINT AG

5 POINT AG is an IT services provider, specializing in Web-based solutions for linking partners, customers and suppliers and automating internal processes and procedures.


In addition to teamspace, 5 POINT AG’s range of products and services includes individual Web applications for automated data exchange and employee portals.


The company’s customers include well-known international organizations such as ABN AMRO, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, SEAT, and Philips.


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