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Send SMS messages for free with teamspace


The new release 4.1 of the groupware teamspaceŽ supports sending SMS messages online.

Send SMS messages teamspace

Even in the internet age SMS transmissions are very popular and frequently used to contact people without Internet access.
With the new release 4.1 of the groupware teamspace, which is available since September 7th, it is now possible to send SMS messages in addition to e-mail and internal messages.

teamspace is a web based groupware system for virtual teamwork. The profit of teamspace is based on a close cooperation of all team members. Experience shows that sometimes members must be contacted urgently even if they are en route. With the new SMS feature of teamspace SMS transmissions are as fast and easy as writing an e-mail.

Every teamspace team gets 5 SMS for free every month. If they are spent you can buy a quota of at least 100 SMS which costs 19.90 USD.


In addition to the independent SMS module the SMS functionality has been integrated in other teamspace modules. You can send SMS messages to all your contacts that provide a mobile number just by one mouse click.

The team leader can restrict SMS transmission to defined user groups or activate it for all team members.


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About teamspace

teamspace is a virtual office on the Internet. teamspace has carefully designed solutions to link together professionals, who are separated either by organization structures or geography. It provides an advanced infrastructure that delivers extensive communication, coordination and cooperation possibilities.


teamspace is user-friendly and easy to handle. Each user can work with it instantly and successfully.

The complete system can be tested for free up to 30 days at .


teamspace is web-based and can be licensed for indiviual projects. The fees for the Online Service are $ 44.90 per month and 10 members. 5 POINT AG also offers to install Seite 3 von 3 the system individually on separate servers as Enterprise Server or Enterprise Portal licenses.



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