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Groupware teamspace now from 7,84 € per month


If you want to work together with co-workers, you can certainly look forward to the new release 4.5 of the groupware teamspace. Apart from any small improvements in the Calendar and Tasks modules communication within the team is further enhanced by the new Skype integration that allows cost-free phone calls within the team. The new user interface is fun to work with and motivates to work on tasks together.

New pricing

An own team is now available from €7.84 per month instead of €31.50. With these new prices teamspace especially increases its appeal to small and medium sized groups. In addition the licensing and administration processes were further simplified while at the same time giving clients more options.

Prices for web space were lowered by more than 60%! “We just forward the economies of scale we had due to our growth over the last year on to the customers.“ said Konstantin Krümpel, Marketing Manager for teamspace.

New offices worldwide and added support capacities

teamspace is now located in four additional countries or regions: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Italy and the Middle East. At the same time the personnel for the existing support in Europe was increased.

As a new language Arabic is now available to all customers.

About teamspace

The groupware teamspace offers geographically and organizational distributed teams the perfect infrastructure for communication, co-ordination and co-operation. The system contains all necessary modules for web-based teamwork such as calendars, contacts, file folders or project management.

teamspace is already used successfully by companies like ABN AMRO, BMW, Philips or DaimlerChrysler.

teamspace can be tested free of charge for up to 30 days at

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